Tuesday, September 18, 2007

NFL Week 2 Wrap-up: Cheaters sometimes prosper

Patriots 38, Chargers 14: Well now we've done it. The Patriots, as a team, are all pissed, and will probably be pissed throughout the entire season. I'm fully expecting Eric Mangini to lead off a future press conference by saying, "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds. Any questions?"

Oh, and as an added bonus, Patriot fans are now uber-defensive! Woo-HAH!

Packers 35, Giants 13: Brett Favre is now the winningest quarterback in NFL history, and Aaron Rodgers is still the most bored quarterback in NFL history. For the Giants, Jared Lorenzen is the girthiest quarterback in NFL history, and Eli... well, he's just not the best at anything.

Buccaneers 31, Saints 14: I'm so sorry, Buccaneers. I didn't mean it. Let me make it up to you. I'll take you to Carrabbas, and afterwards we can go see Hairspray like you wanted.

Browns 51, Bengals 45: I am amazed by the fact that whenever the Bengals get into one of these entertaining shootout games that they appear built to win, they always lose them (45-37 Colts in 2005, 49-41 Chargers last year). All I can say is, at least the Cleveland Browns fans can appreciate a good show.


Packer487 said...

That one of Bubba Franks is just priceless!

Matt said...

classy like jumping into the opposite teams fans seats

douche bag