Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pootie too good! Pootie too good!

I was checking out 12 Seahawks Street (who have an occasional Seahawks LOLjocks gallery) where I found this picture of Seahawks linebacker Julian Peterson (by Chris Joseph Taylor of the Seattle Times). It immediately reminded me of one of the funniest scenes from Pootie Tang, which you feel a lot better watching when you are stealing cable.

Since you, the reader, may not have seen Pootie Tang (fucking movie snobs), I have provided the clip for you. Tell me that's not comedy gold. How this movie didn't win eight Oscars, I have no idea.


albaNY Hawker said...

Put me in the 'movie snobs' category, but not for long, as Pootie Tang is on this weekend's Hollywood Video short list!

My original idea for that was "Invisible Cunnilingus with a Gymnast", but we have SOME standards over at The Street.

Thanks for the shout-out though. I makes your infinitely greater lol-skillz that much easier to deal with!

(I need a quiet moment to myself now)

CLARE. said...


I'm gonna throw this out there, and if you're not into it, just throw it right back.

I wanna be on you.

Bloof said...


Vladimir Pootie the President of Russia? Or is that just what Bush calls him?