Monday, September 17, 2007

Do they allow violins inside Fenway Park?

Poor, poor little Red Sox fan. So upset that a professional baseball player would have an opinion about your favorite baseball team.

“It was cool to get his autograph,” Griffin said. “It didn’t make me feel happy when he wrote that.”

Well let me tell you a little story, Griffin, about what didn't make me happy. On my 18th birthday, my mom got me tickets to a Bucks/Hawks game in Atlanta, so I could see my favorite NBA player (at the time). I had his jersey, and I was going to try to get him to sign it.

So the players were doing their pre-game shootaround, and autograph seekers were lined up near the court... when the players were finished, they would go to the crowd, sign for a bit, and then go to the locker room. So I waited patiently for my favorite player (at the time) to finish his shooting, and sure enough he did. And as he was leaving the court, he turned to the autograph seekers (including myself), and said, "Hold on, I'll be right back."

Then he went to the locker room. And he didn't come back.

That player? Vin Baker. He was probably rushing back to the locker room to do some shots.

So, GRIFFIN, just be glad you got an autograph, and don't bitch about the message. And be glad that you didn't have to settle for an autograph from Armon Gilliam.

Photo by Mark Garfinkel

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