Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My World Series prediction: No one will crank dat Soulja Boy

One of the most entertaining things about this year in sports has been the random occurence of on-field crankin' of dat Soulja Boy, whether by mascots, Devin Hester, the University of Texas football team, or large purple child-molesting dinosaurs. Unfortunately, I sincerely doubt there will be any crankin' during this fall classic... not in between innings, not during someone's at-bat music, not even during the seventh-inning stretch, where crankin' dat would almost be therapeutic.

Unless of course, someone decides to teach Papelbon how to do it. I'm looking at you, Coco Crisp.

Meanwhile, just wait until the NBA season starts, and the entire New York Knicks team start dancing in unison during a 20-second timeout... including Coach Isiah.

(UPDATE: Just watched the latest Blog Show - where LOL Jocks makes an appearance, by the way - and they talk about the Soulja Boy phenomenon. And sure enough, there's video of the Golden State Warriors getting their crank on. Thanks, Free Darko.)

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Chick in the Huddle said...

i won't buy into the "soulja boy" hype until i see jon kitna do it after a quarterback sneak...