Friday, October 19, 2007

Week 7 LOLpicks: I'm getting worse at this

Buccaneers +2.5 AT Lions: In case you haven't noticed, I am 1-5-2 in the past two weeks of NFL LOLpicks. Nothing like blatant homerism to end a losing streak, right?

(And no, if Jeff Garcia were actually watching you masturbate, he wouldn't be grinning from ear to ear. I don't give a damn if he kissed Jeremiah Trotter during a Sunday night game last year... he's not gay.)

Bengals -6.5 VS Jets: Through six games, the Jets have scored 17 points per game. Meanwhile through five games, the Bengals have scored 25 points per game. I'm a math major!

(I can only hope that T.J.'s secret is less disturbing than Adam Sandler's secret.)

Jaguars +3.5 VS Colts: One of the saddest developments of this year's fantasy football season is the recent resurgence of Maurice Jones-Drew, which means I can no longer make fun of my roommate, a Jacksonville fan who drafted MoJo ahead of Joseph Addai, Brian Westbrook, Willie Parker... oh, and Tom Brady.Thanks, Maurice, for not waiting a couple more weeks to stop sucking.

Patriots -17 AT Dolphins: I was very close to picking Miami to beat the spread in this game, but then I found this retarded picture of Randy Moss. And I researched and found out Miami's defense gives up 30 points a game.

Last Week: 0-3-1
Season: 11-12-2

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Anonymous said...

actually, you still have full right to make fun of your roommate for drafting Jones Drew before those guys.