Friday, October 26, 2007

I will no longer be surprised if Boston wins a game at Coors Field

I missed the first seven innings of the Colorado-Boston game to watch Boston College pull out a win against Virginia Tech, but I did catch Papelbon being all lights out and shit.

I don't think the lack of oxygen in Denver will get to Papelbon. Dude could probably pitch in a sandstorm. It might behoove him to close his mouth though.

Question: Do kids these days even play with stick horseys anymore? Do they even know what cowboys are?


TheStarterWife said...

Too cute!

Kids still play the with the stick horses. My two year-old neighbor has one. Mostly he just drags it around though.

Mary said...

I bet Papelbon still plays with stick horseys. Wouldn't surprise me.

I still have mine, in my attic. I don't claim to still play with it, though =)