Wednesday, August 22, 2007

No, Kasey Kahne, I will not buy a pack of cigarettes for you

Thanks to reader The Costanzo for the AP photo.


i rock said...

u r freakin gay...kasey is not narcoliptic!!!!! u don't know what ur talkin about...he is a better driver than u will ever be!! don't u have anything better to do with ur life than trying to ruin every1 elses!!!!! GET A LIFE!!!!!


NASCARloves19 said...

Okay, I am a Kasey Kahne fan. That being said, I think that was kinda funny. I mean come on he looked like he was sleeping standing up (a sign of narcolepsy) and he does look young. You have got to know know when to take a joke and just laugh. Life's too short to be so darn serious.

Cameron said...

you're a damn faggot! stop being so freaking jealous that kasey kahne is a kickass nascar driver and an all-around nice guy.

go suck a dick.

Kunz38 said...

yep kasey kahne is a narcoleptic freak that wears make up come on grow a pair and he is the worst driver ive ever seen race i could do better in my sleep lol