Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Yankees are a soap opera

The part of "Mike Mussina" will now be played by Ian Kennedy.

Technically, Mussina isn't out of the rotation, he's just "skipping a start," which means they will probably bring him back during sweeps week.

I wouldn't worry, Moose... it could always be worse.

(This last one is more fun when you play this video afterwards.)


bvllets said...

ZOMG the A Rod one is hilarious. Great work.

Jay said...

I have never before or since managed to work out what that gerbil thing actually is, but it always gives me a case of the lulz. Coupled with "Yankee Doodle Drama", I may have wet myself a little. Most congratulatorians, kind sir/fair maiden/unholy haemaphrodite