Monday, July 23, 2007

How did I spend my Saturday night? Watching David Beckham sit on his ass for an hour

David Beckham made his debut for the Los Angeles Galaxy Saturday night in a friendly against FA Cup winners Chelsea.

Chelsea won the match 1-0 in a game that was really not as close as the score indicated. The Galaxy did not seem to have many scoring chances at all, and the few they had they squandered. (Just like watching the USA in the World Cup!)

You don't really need to pay David Beckham $250 million to lose 1-0 to Chelsea. You do, however, need to pay David Beckham $250 million to get this many fans and media to show up.

(By the way, Posh Spice, Eva Longoria, and Katie Holmes were all in the same box at a soccer game for at least two hours. This is the recipe for some of the worst conversations of all time. We can all thank God they weren't miked up.)

(Also, I was secretly hoping that Posh Spice would get caught on camera doing blow at some point during the game.)

I honestly didn't think that Beckham would see playing time, but sure enough, with about twelve minutes left in the game, here comes Becks....

... and then, minutes later, down goes Becks.

In the end, everything turned out okay. The Galaxy earned a hard-fought loss against an actual quality football club soccer team. David Beckham got to perform in front of his new fans, and his ankle didn't fall off.

I'm guessing that now Beckham will be able to rest up his ankle, and start acclimating to the life of a professional athlete living in the United States.

AP Photos from Yahoo! Sports


albaNY Hawker said...


Someone should pay you $250M as this series of graphics has just peaked my interest in soccer more than Beckham's arrival!

Well done again Mr. Grimes!

Phatty said...

I am quickly becoming a fan of your work.

Anonymous said...

good work Grimey. Please say "Guv-Nah" Good stuff

BeaverFever said...

invisable plate of cookies = classic.

Anonymous said...

Simply delightful. Like a nice plate of bangers and mash.

devang said...

Good job sir!! I now have 1 more RSS feed to waste my time at work.

Although the caption in the 3rd picture should have said "my vagina", because we all know he is a pussy.

Grimey said...

At least Becks has Pete Vagenas (for his sake, I hope that's pronounced "vague-ness") sitting next to him on the bench showing him how to cross his legs. Pete could probably teach Posh a few things.

zack said...


Dave said...

Bloke is an Australian slang term. Beckham is English.