Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It turns out Jesus doesn't mind this gambling stuff after all

I shelled out $20 to watch the World Series of Poker Main Event final table online, and watched this little Asian holy roller, Jerry Yang, win $8.25 million.

Whenever Yang had someone all-in, and he was ahead in the hand, he would literally start yelling out prayers to God begging that his top pair would hold up. There were times where I thought he was speaking in tongues at the table (although that was probably just Thai).

Anyway, kids, just remember: go to church every Sunday, say your prayers before you go to bed, and you too can hit a runner-runner straight and win a shitload of scrilla.

Update: I just realized that most of you aren't going to see the replay of this final table for about a month... but believe me, the ESPN telecast will play out like an insanely ironic Jack Chick tract.

AP Photo


The Last Unitard said...

I must not be praying hard enough.

el_hombre said...

You paid $20 to watch poker?!? Moreover, you actually watch poker?!?

B said...

You think paying $20 to watch poker is bad? My buddy listened to the live radio broadcast on Sirius last night!

Oh, and yay God. (I'll be playing poker on-line tonight.)

Dusty said...

Thanks for blowing the ending ya dick.