Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I hope it's not from Crohn's disease... that would be embarassing

This is a retread of an old picture of Kaz Matsui (he's with the Astros now), but if someone told me that I had anal fissures, this would probably be the exact expression on my face.

According to the Fanhouse post:

An anal fissure is an unnatural crack or tear in the anus skin. As a fissure, these tiny tears may show as bright red rectal bleeding and cause severe periodic pain after defecation. [...] Most anal fissures are caused by stretching of the anal mucosa beyond its capability. Various causes of this fissure include:

* Straining to defecate, especially if the stool is hard and dry
* Severe and chronic constipation
* Severe and chronic diarrhea
* Crohn's disease and Ulcerative colitis
* Tight sphincter muscles
* Anal intercourse

... so be good, for goodness sake! YEAH!


Minda said...

Oh, gross! None of the possible causes in that last are comfortable to behold.

My money is on hard and dry stool.


Bri said...

my brother has crohns disease.. there is nothing funny about this.. you are a bitch