Wednesday, December 3, 2008

LOL Jocks featured on Best Week Ever! Well, not really.

This screencap is from Best Week Ever's blog post about Plaxico Burress shooting himself. The editor, Michelle Collins, pulled the image from a LiveJournal entry which got the image from this site (because I created it), and didn't credit it.

So whoo! Yeah! Internet celebrity... almost....

(I sent an e-mail to the tips link listed on the site earlier, but haven't heard back. Feel free to send them an e-mail or leave a comment on their post, although they are probably busy finding more walrus videos to notice.)

UPDATE: And now there's a link. The internet works!

Thanks to the chief for the heads up.


placekickerholder said...

You're an internet celebrity to me, Grimey!

Which means I'll probably forget about you within the next 23 seconds.

Michelle Collins said...

We were out of the office all day today, but I'll add a link to your site now.

Hopefully this will clear the blog air :)