Friday, July 20, 2007

And all this time you thought NBA refs were just incompetent


Reader albaNY Hawker sent in this image of veteran NBA referee Tim Donaghy, who probably just ensured that Las Vegas will never ever ever ever ever get an NBA franchise. Ever.

Donaghy is currently under investigation for betting on NBA games, and possibly making calls that affected point spreads. Ever seen travelling called in the fourth quarter of an NBA game? It was probably this guy.

Just another example of the consequences of people involved in sports betting on sports. I think we all remember what happened to Billy Cole of the L.A. Stallions.


Elvi Patterson said...

I think we all learned that shooting your teammates and then yourself leads to a career of Tae-Bo Videos!

Billy Blanks FTW!


albaNY Hawker said...

Glad you liked the pic Grimey.

Thanks for using it.

-- alba